Summer Reading is Nigh. Nigh, I Say, Nigh!

When times get dull and I need a bit of a pick me up, I think up summer reading slogans that no one will ever use.  Today’s included:

  • Summer Reading: Because You’re Doing It Anyway and Deserve Some Credit
  • Summer Reading: Because Sand in a Laptop Is No Laughing Matter
  • Summer Reading: Because It Looks Good On You

Surprisingly no one has taken me up on any of these slogans, but I figure there’s plenty of time.

But yes!  Summer reading!  Though the weather outside resembles nothing so much as a mild day in November, rumor has it that at some point in the future there will be this phenomena known as “warmth” and that during this “warmth” period people will be less inclined to pull up their duvets to their chinny chin chins at night.  Or so they say.

Is it just me, or is this one of the more attractive summer reading logos you’ve ever seen?

As I may have mentioned in those slogans, you’re already reading books, right?  Then get some friggin’ credit for it!  Starting June 1. All Evanston kids, teens, and adults can read books, play games, attend library events, enter raffles and earn prizes all summer long.  You can register online or in person at any library location.  Additionally, check out the Summer Reading Guide (pdf) online or pick up a paper copy at any location. It’ll tell you everything you need to know.

But wait. There’s more.

The fact of the matter is that while these Summer Reading programs are free to all participants, we actually need some additional support to help expand the program. What do we meant by that?  Well, we’re starting this new book lending project with Evanston Parks and Recreation and Ridgeville Camps to keep kids reading this summer.  Want to help in some way?  Contributions can be made online. Our program partners include the City of Evanston Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department, and Ridgeville Park Distirct with participation by Evanston Cradle to Career and the Evanston Public Library Friends.

And why, you might ask, are we doing this in the first place?  Well, chalk it all up to an insidious little situation called “summer slide”.  Here’s what happens each year.  The kids go to school.  They read.  They learn.  Then summer comes along and kids stop reading.  What happens as a result?  They actually sink back as much as two grade levels in terms of their reading abilities.  Ick.  Yet reading just five books over the summer can prevent this summer learning loss.  And who better to give those kids books than EPL and you?

Did I mention the theme this year?  It’s “Read for the Win”.  And quite frankly, it’s not a bad thing to help other folks “win”, particularly when it comes to reading.




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