Summer Reading Program CrowdRise Campaign

EPL FriendsPsst!

Over here.

You know what’s neat?  People who raise money for libraries.  Obviously.  I’m telling you nothing new.  I might as well be saying that water is wet and the sky is high.

Well here’s something you might not know.  These people at this link here.  These people?  They are friggin’ amazing.  You see, they’re raising money for the library on our very cute, rather attractive, CrowdRise page.  Go take a gander.  Basically you look at the folks you like and you donate to them.  OR, if you like, you can be the person getting the funds and have your friends, families, rich pets, etc. donate to YOU.  Cute right?

As of this post right now it looks like Sandra Waxman’s in the lead with Jim & Margi Hughes nipping close at her heels.  I’d say the game is far from over.  So take a look, choose whomsoever you like, and support them (and, by extension, your beloved library, accordingly).

In it to win it, baby.


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